Merrymeeting Bay / Kennebec Estuary Research Program (Bowdoin)



Matthew Klingle
Assistant Professor of History and Environmental Studies
Ph.D., University of Washington, 2001

My research as a historian began with a focus on the historical connections between urbanization and environmental change in Seattle and the Puget Sound region. I am currently finishing a book manuscript based upon this research that will explore how and why Americans have seen nature and the city as separate. My research interests also include the history of biology and ecology and cultural history. I have published articles in History and Theory, Journal of the History of Biology, and Journal of Urban History. Since coming to Bowdoin, I have worked with my faculty colleagues and students to reconstruct and interpret the environmental and ecological history of Merrymeeting Bay. I am most interested in the historical relationship between material changes throughout the greater Merrymeeting Bay watershed and the resulting social contests over its resources. In particular, I hope to integrate this research as a field-based service learning project for course on the environmental history of North America.

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