Merrymeeting Bay / Kennebec Estuary Research Program (Bowdoin)


Heather Caron

Heather Caron
Aquatic Chemist/Ecologist
M.S. University of Maine, 2005

My research background is in water resources and began when I was a scientific technician and later a graduate student at the Senator George J. Mitchell Center for Environmental and Watershed Research at the University of Maine. As a graduate student I examined groundwater hydrology and chemistry of an estuarine wetland in Acadia National Park. As an aquatic chemist at Bowdoin I run the environmental chemistry lab and collect water samples in the bay. My primary research concerns are the nutrients, particularly nitrogen and phosphorus, found in the waters of the bay. I enjoy working with Bowdoin students on their research project and lending a hand to Friends of Merrymeeting Bay with their occasional water quality testing needs.

Water Samples, East Chops collecting water samples heather caron east chops
view from east chop
Swan Island Boat Launch
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