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dewitt john

DeWitt John
Thomas F. Shannon Director of Environmental Studies
Senior Lecturer Environmental Studies
Senior Lecturer Government and Legal Studies
Ph.D. (Chicago)

In the 1980s I began to learn about river protection while working for the Colorado Department of Natural Resources on wilderness designations, coal and oil shale development, and endangered species in the Colorado River. My research on river protection and management began with writing Civic Environmentalism, published in 1992, which included a case study of the Florida Everglades restoration effort. Later I studied a rural communities in Montana where environmentalists, ranchers, and front-line government staff worked collaboratively to protect the Clark Fork River while also ensuring that the local economy could provide good jobs. I have also studied federal watershed protection efforts and national marine sanctuaries. I am now on the state of Maine's Bay Management Committee and actively working with the Androscoggin River Alliance to improve water quality and expand fish habitat on the river that flows through Brunswick. I have loved rivers and have used canoes and kayaks all of my life.

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