Polar Pathways: Robert E. Peary's Arctic Expeditions

The Maps

These are five of Peary's voyages to the Arctic. In order to travel to the Arctic, Peary and his crew voyaged onboard a ship. However, once they were in the Arctic, Peary and his crew traveled by sled. These expeditions, some by sledge and some by ship, have been broken into nine sections. Click on an image or title to learn more about that voyage. Want to learn even more about Arctic exploration? Click on the last box, a picture of Captain Bob Bartlett, to view some suggested reading.

1891 Map peary expedition1891-1892:
A Voyage North
the white march independece bay peary1891-1892:
The White March
1893 map peary expedition1893-1895:
A Voyage to Etah
1895 sledge trip peary expedition independence bay1893-1895:
Across the Ice Cap
1898-1902 peary expedition map1898-1902:
Various Voyages

1905 map peary expedition1905-1906:
Northward Again
1906 map sledge peary expedition 1905-1906:
Seeking the Pole
1908 map peary expedition 1908-1909:
The Final Voyage
1909 north pole map peary discovery 1908-1909:
The North Pole
bob bartlett reading book peary arcticSuggested

Acknowledgements for this Exhibit

Map images courtesy of Google Earth, editing by Z. Eddy
"Robert Bartlett holding book..." by Reginald Wilcox, Peary-Macmillan Arctic Museum Collections

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