Polar Pathways: Robert E. Peary's Arctic Expeditions

Arctic Travel from Your Armchair


Admittedly, most people are not going to take the next S.S. Roosevelt to the Arctic and embark on an adventure across the frozen wildnerness of Greendland. However, you certainly can explore the thrilling world of the Arctic from the comfort of your own living room armchair. Peary and his expedition members wrote many accounts of their arctic travels.

Books by Members of the Expeditions:
My Arctic Journal by Josephine Diebitsch Peary, 1893 
Northward over the “Great Ice” by Robert E. Peary, 1898*
The Snowbaby by Josephine Diebitsch Peary and Marie Ahnighito Peary, 1901
Nearest the Pole by Robert E. Peary, 1907*
The North Pole by Robert E. Peary, 1910*
A Tenderfoot with Peary by George Borup, 1911
A Negro Explorer at the Pole by Matthew Henson, 1912
Sails over Ice by Captain Robert Bartlett, 1934
How Peary Reached the Pole by Donald Baxter MacMillan, 1934
The Log of "Bob" Bartlett by Captain Robert Bartlett, 1928
On Polar Trails by John Goodsell, edited by Dnald W. Whisenhunt, 1983

* Books quoted in this exhibit

By Others:

Dark Companion by Bradley Robinson, 1947
Arctic Odyssey: The Life of Rear Admiral Donald B. Macmillan by Everett S. Allen, 1962
Peary, the Explorer and the Man by John Edward Weems, 1967
Noose of Laurels by Sir Wally Herbert, 1989
North Pole Legacy: Black, White, and Eskimo by S. Allen Counter, 1991
Dream of the Far North by Barbara King, 2000
Muskox Land by Lyle Dick, 2001




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