Polar Pathways: Robert E. Peary's Arctic Expeditions

The 1898-1902: Various Voyages


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These locations are color-coded depending on the year and route of the expedition.
The map belows shows the trips from New York to Cape Durville and from Cape D'Urville to Fort Conger.


1898 peary expedition google earth map 1898 Map

About the 1898-1902 Expedition

New York: A Disturbing Factor

Sydney: A Nip in the Ice

Etah: Walrus Hunting

Cape D'Urville: Mind on the Future

Cape D'Urville: As if on Sand

Cape Defosse: Burrowing in the Snow

Fort Conger: The Demise of Peary's Toes

Fort Conger: Starting North

Cape Richardson: A Speedily Built Igloo

Crozier Island: Worst Bit of Ice-Foot

Cape Hecla: Belly Deep in Snow

84 North: The Game Is Off


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