Polar Pathways: Robert E. Peary's Arctic Expeditions

1891-1892: The White March


Peary's sledge trips across the Inland ice and other areas of Greenland were not as carefully chronicled as his ship passages to and from Greenland; the maps, and Peary's accounts of his routes, lack exact precision. However, Peary did keep detailed journals about his trek across the arctic terrain. While his narratives lack an abundance of coordinates, they provide readers with a frosty and thrilling account of Peary's struggles on the "Great Ice." The routes provided are taken from Peary's own cartography and provide a reasonable estimate of the trek. Click a location, description or date to learn more about that moment in time.

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About The White March

McCormick Bay: An Old Friend

Cache Camp: Best Efforts

130 Miles from McCormick Bay: Goodbyes

Petermann Fjord: White Lava

Crevasse: A Deadly Hazard

Musk-Ox Field: Peary's First Musk Ox

Independence Bay: A Toast of Brandy

Peary and Astrup Turn Homeward

The Lonely March

Dome Mountain: A Ship

Bowdoin College