Polar Pathways: Robert E. Peary's Arctic Expeditions

1891-New York: The Start of the Adventure

new york peary arctic expedition 1891

A portrait of Robert and Josephine Peary

“At five in the afternoon of June 6th, 1891, the Kite cast off from the foot of Baltic Street, Brooklyn, and swung out into the East River. Genial sunlight illumined the faces of friends and sightseers, waving adieus from the end of the pier. We were fairly off for North Greenland, and every ferryboat and steamer in the crowded East River knew it. Scores of whistles bade us goodbye and bon voyage… it was not until night hid us that the inspiring God-speeds of our friends and well-wishers were heard no more.” - Robert E. Peary in Northward over the “Great Ice”, published in 1898

The Kite and Crew
Peary's Arctic Team
Equipment and Food

"Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Peary" circa 1890, Peary-Macmillan Arctic Museum Collections

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