Polar Pathways: Robert E. Peary's Arctic Expeditions

1891- Equipment and Food

“My equipment was one of the most modest and inexpensive ever taken to the ‘White North.’ Yet nothing was omitted that was essential to our comfort or success... The food supply differed little from that of the later arctic expeditions. I had a year and a half’s supplies, with tea, coffee, sugar, and milk in sufficient quantity to last two and a half years. I took little meat except pemmican for the ice-cap journey, as I expected to secure an abundance of reindeer and other fresh meat at my winter camp. Evaporated vegetables in large variety, and beef-meal, pemmican, and cocoa-tablets had been prepared expressly for the expedition.” - Robert in Peary, Northward over the “Great Ice”, published in 1898

Here is a sample of other equipment that Peary carried :

Lumber for a House and Sledge Building
Two Whale-Boats
Two Sledges
Snowshoes and Norwegian Skis
Alcohol Stoves
Woolen Clothing
One Theodolite and One Sextant
Five Aneroid Barometers
Maximum and Minimum Thermometers
A Deep-Sea Thermometer
Eastman No. 4 Kodak Cameras and Film
Flint and Steel
Pocket Lamps

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