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Koekkoek's Gallery

In addition to regular exhibitions at the London gallery, Koekkoek’s Gallery also mounted touring exhibitions. The catalogue for a show of Paintings and Water-Colour Drawings from Koekkoek’s Gallery held in Melbourne in 1888, informed viewers: “Messrs. Koekkeok, of 72 Piccadilly, London, begs to state, in bringing forward this Collection as their Second Exhibition in Melbourne that they have previously held various Exhibitions in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Sydney, &c., &c.” The exhibition included work by Ernest Crofts, James Webb, J. Ten Kate, John Varley, F. R. Unterberger. It also included many paintings by members of the Koekkoek family, including work by J[ohannes] H[ermanus] Koekkoek;  H[ermanus] Koekkoek, and W[illem] Koekkoek, all relatives of the more famous Dutch landscape painter Barend Cornelis Koekkoek (1803-1862).

Address: 72 Piccadilly

Start Date: by 1884 [by 1883]*

End Date: at least 1886 [at least 1888]*

Selected exhibitions

Spring Exhibition of High-Class Pictures (February 1883)  [Times, 26 February 1883, 1]

Condemned to Death [by Munkácsy, Mihály] and other pictures (1884) [NAL]

P. van Ouderaa’s great picture “The last appeal” (1885) [NAL]

Munkacsy’s Five Latest Works, Meissonier’s celebrated picture, The Muskeeteers, and an important work by N. Diaz (June 1887) [Times, 7 June 1887, 2)

Munkacsy’s Three Latest important Pictures on view – The Ballad, My Old Mother’s Song, and The Promenade (May 1888) [Times, 1 May 1888, 2]

Exhibition catalogues: National Art Library, London


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*The dates that appear in the heading are those identified as securely documented “start” and “end” dates when the map animation was created. Additional research has extended the time span that the gallery can be documented at this address.

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