Victorian London : Mapping the Emergence of the Modern Art Gallery



In order to isolate the emergent form of the commercial gallery, we define the "commercial gallery" as a private and for-profit institution devoted to the exhibition and sale of fine art in a dedicated retail space. We have thus omitted dealers who worked from private homes or offices, shops that sold paintings among other forms of home decoration or painting materials, and shops that functioned primarily as print or frame shops. Such material might form the basis for future data layers.

Information on individual galleries is scattered across a wide range of sources. Our data is drawn primarily from The Year's Art (an annual guide to the British art world); reviews and advertisements in the periodical press, including art journals (The Art Journal, The Magazine of Art, The Studio), newspapers (The Times, The Illustrated London News), other periodicals (The Athenaeum, Truth); and exhibition catalogues held at the National Art Library at the Victoria and Albert Museum. We continue to collect information, and welcome contributions (contact).

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Artists' addresses were collected from Algernon Graves's The Royal Academy of Arts: a complete dictionary of contributors and their work from its foundation in 1769 to 1904. East Ardsley, England: S.R. Publishers, 1970. The start and end dates listed are thus the first and last dates the address appeared in the RA catalogue, and may not reflect an individual's actual tenure at a given residence.


The data on retail spaces is incomplete, and included for the sake of comparison only. It does not include reliable start and end dates. The data is drawn from the pages of Alison Adburgham's books Shops and Shopping 1800-1914 (London: George Allen and Unwin, 1964) and Shopping in Style: London from the Restoration to Edwardian elegance (Thames and Hudson, 1981).


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