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Chamberlan's Life in Google MapsExplore the life of Joshua Chamberlain through Google Maps or with Google Earth software. This new software offers a unique way to view the world around us. The Joshua Chamberlain Google Earth page provides an opportunity for the user to take a “flight” through the life of Joshua Chamberlain. The Google Maps page allows you to view the same content in your web browser.

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Google WindowStarting with his birth in Maine, one can “fly” from one point of interest in the life of Chamberlain to another. In addition, many of the points of interest contain links to educationally rich Web sites that provide background on these important locations in the life of Joshua Chamberlain.This interactive software enables the Chamberlain enthusiast to take a virtual tour of the life of this remarkable man from Maine.

Simply download the Google´┐Ż Earth link to your computer, install the software (available at - version 4+ required) and enjoy a "flight" around Chamberlain's life using this technology.

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