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Leicester Gallery

Although many sources date the founding of the Leicester Gallery to 1903, a list of exhibitions beginning in July 1902 was published in The Year’s Art 1903 (see “Selected exhibitions”). The Phillips brothers are identified as the proprietors, but by the following year Ernest Brown has joined the firm and they are identified as “Ernest Brown and Phillips” from then on.

Address: Leicester Square

Start Date: by 1902

End Date: at least 1914 [1977]*


Wilfred Phillips

Cecil Phillips

Ernest Brown

Oliver Brown

Selected exhibitions

“Walks in Italy,” by Augustus J. C. Hare (July 1902) [TYA 1903, 113]

Pictures by Old Masters of the English and Dutch Schools (August – September 1902) [TYA 1903, 113]

“In Sunny Places,” by Fred Mayor (October 1902) [TYA 1903, 113]

Sculpture by Albert Toft (October 1902) [TYA 1903, 113]

“Sportive Childhood in rare proof states by F. Bartolozzi, R.A. and his School (November 1902) [TYA 1903, 113]

Pictures of Spain in Oil and Water-colours by Trevor Haddon, R.B.A. (December 1902) [TYA 1903, 113]

For exhibitions held between 1902 and 1908, see: “Exhibitions Associated with: Leicester Galleries”
Exhibition Culture in London 1878-1908, University of Glasgow

For exhibitions held between 1902 and 1977, see: “Exhibitions held at the Leicester Galleries between 1902 and 1977”


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*The dates that appear in the heading are those identified as securely documented “start” and “end” dates when the map animation was created. Additional research has extended the time span that the gallery can be documented at this address.

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