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Connell and Sons

James Connell and Sons had galleries in both Glasgow (31 Renfield Street) and London. James Hodge Connell retired in 1908, and the business was taken over by his sons James D. Connell, Thomas Connell, and David Connell. The notice of this change in the Edinburgh Gazette lists William Cameron as an “Art Salesman” at 31 Renfield Street in Glasgow, and William Cameron as an “Art Salesman” at 47 Old Bond Street in London. (5 November 1909, 1175).

Address: 47 Old Bond St [location in google maps]

Start Date: by 1906

End Date: at least 1914


James Hodge Connell

James D. Connell

Thomas Connell

David Connell

Selected exhibitions

Paintings by the late Alexander Fraser, R.S.A. (1906) [TYA 1907, 135]

Picture by Alfred W. Strutt, “Hunting the Red Deer” (1906) [TYA 1907, 135]

Original etchings by D. Y. Cameron (1906) [TYA 1907, 135-6]

Scottish Gardens and Venetian Courtyards: Pastels by Miss Mary Wilson (1906) [TYA 1907, 136]

Important pictures and drawings by British and Foreign Artists (1906) [TYA 1907, 136]

Etchings by D. Y. Cameron, A.R.S.A. (1907) [TYA 1908, 131]

Original etchings by E. M. Synge, A.R.E. (1907) [TYA 1908, 131]

Annual exhibition of original etchings by D. Y. Cameron, A.R.S.A., R.W.S.; E. M. Synge, A.R.E., A. F. Affleck; N. Sparks, R.E.; G. Hayes, A.R.E.; W. Walker; H. Frood; and E. Bejot, R.E. (1910) (TYA 1911, 137)

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