This computer assisted language learning program has been created to assist students of first-year Russian learn the alphabet, vocabulary, and grammatical rules in the context of Russian culture and history. By combining written and oral texts with visual images and video movies, this program allows students to interact with these cultural elements in a meaningful and interesting way. Oral and written feedback has been included in order that students may regulate their own learning process.

The units of this program and all the material therein have been organized around certain themes, characters and geographical places in a systematic way so that there is a slow progression of grammatical elements introduced. Those performing in this program include American students studying Russian (at Bowdoin College), Russians living in Boston, Massachusetts, Brunswick and Richmond, Maine, several families in Moscow (Russian and Georgian), miners and others striking in front of the Russian White House as well as performers, movie stars, film critics and directors enjoying the 1998 Sochi Summer Film Festival. The youngest of these participants is three weeks old, the oldest a Georgian grandmother. Themes include Russian foods, restaurants, cafes, typical Moscow apartment life, transportation, musical performances (popular culture, folk music, Stalin era classics, Bolshoi Ballet), street vendors, holidays, seasons and the corresponding activities.


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