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Harrison Hume to Joshua L. Chamberlain,
Cherryfield, [Maine], March 2, 1875.

Although all but three students eventually returned to Bowdoin College as a result of the "drill rebellion," many were initially denied readmission or had their readmission delayed. The following letter is from a Mr. Harrison Hume, speaking on behalf of a student referred to simply as "Smith" who was not immediately readmitted. Letters such as these written at the behalf of various students are quite common in the Chamberlain Collection.

Cherryfield Mar 2 1875

My dear Genl.

I do not wish to seem to persistent in this matter but I do most sincerely hope that the Faculty will change their decision in regard to those boys. I have inquired particularly into the matter and it does seem to me that it is a little hard for those three to suffer for the ins of a whole class.

  You + I know how college boys look upon these things, and how they pledge to each not "to blow" Now these three boys adhered to their pledge, they falsified it is true and are to be blamed, but in my view the others were equally to blame and should have been punished their confession did not evict free them from blame.

  The people of Machias speak of Smith in the highest terms. I know that he has  labored faithfully and earnestly

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and if admitted this spring term will go on with his work and I believe graduate with honor. Therefore my dear Genl I hope you will let up a little in this case and take the boys back.

  With Respect I am

     Very truly Yours

Harrison Hume

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Citation: George J. Mitchell Department of Special Collections & Archives, Bowdoin College, Joshua L. Chamberlain Collection, M27.

Index Terms: Smith; Readmission; Hume, Harrison; General; Pledge; Faculty; Drill Rebellion; Military Drill; Bowdoin College; Presidency; Machias

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