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Victoria Gallery

W. M. Powers is listed as doing business at this address in The Year’s Art from 1909 until 1915.

Address: 123 Victoria St

Start Date: by 1909

End Date: at least 1914

Dealer: William Mailes Power

Selected exhibitions

Watercolour drawings by Irwen Bevan (November 1909) [TYA 1910, 142]

Watercolour drawings by A.R. Quinton, Frank Boggs, David Bates, T.N. Tyndale, Ben Graham, Guido Bach, and other well-known artists (December 1909) [TYA 1910, 142]

The King’s Foreign Regiments: Constantinople; and other drawings and paintings by Captain H. Granville Baker (March 1910) [Times, 11 March 1910, 2]

Modern paintings: by a few artists of established reputations (January 1911) [NAL]

Drawings by Tom Simpson: “Picturesque Polperro” (May 1911) [NAL]

Modern Mezzotints in Colour: by well-known engravers (1 November – Christmas 1912) [NAL]

Exhibition catalogues: National Art Library, London (1911, 1912)

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