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Lefevre Gallery

After selling his very successful French Gallery to Henry Wallis in 1867, Ernest Gambart opened the Lefevre Gallery along with his nephew Léon Lefèvre and F. G. Pilgeram (Maas, 208) Gambart retired in 1870, leaving the other two men as partners in the business.  After Lefèvre’s death in 1915, the business passed to his son Ernest Albert. For the later history of the business, see Fletcher and Helmreich, 307.

Address: 1A King-street

Start Date: 1867

End Date: at least 1914 [at least 1943]*

Other Locations:

131 New Bond Street (1944-1950)
30 Bruton Street (1950-2002)


Ernest GambartErnest Gambart (wikipedia entry) 

F.G. Pilgeram

Léon Lefèvre

Ernest Albert Lefèvre

Selected exhibitions

Recent work of Mdlle. Rosa Bonheur (1881) [TYA 1882, 50]

Modern Pictures and Water-Colours and Rosa Bonheur’s Lord of the Herd (1884) [TYA 1885, 62]


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Maas, Jeremy. Gambart: Prince of the Victorian Art World. London: Barrie & Jenkins, 1975.

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