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Hanover Gallery

The “newly-opened Hanover Gallery, at 47 Bond-street” was noted in the Times on 27 April 1880 (6), as part of a review of “April Exhibitions of Foreign Pictures,” which also included commentary on the French Gallery, McLean’s, and Tooth’s, putting the new gallery in well established company. Many notices appear related to the gallery in 1880 and 1881, but it does not appear in The Year’s Art for the years between 1882 and 1884, or in the Times in 1882 or 1883. In 1884, the Times remarked that the gallery had “had till now a somewhat unfortunate career. Messers. Hollender and Cremetti, however, the new lessees, seem determined to spare no pains to make it attractive; and they have certainly succeeded in filling it with an interesting collection of modern French art.” (“Art Exhibitions,” Times, 21 October 1884, 2) The dealers Max Hollender and Eugene Cremetti also had premises at 64 New Bond Street.  The Catalogue of an exhibition of water-colours of Egypt by John Varley still lists the Hanover Gallery at 47, New Bond Street, but an ad in the Times in spring of that year announced the “New Hanover Gallery, 30, Old Bond Street” managed by “Hollender and Cremetti, proprietors” (Times, 18 May 1904, 1).

The dealers’ stock was auctioned off by Christie, Manson and Woods in 1906, “sold by order of Mr. Eugene Cremetti, liquidator, on the termination of the partnership owing to the dealth of Count Hollender.” (Times, 6 December 1906, 1). Cremetti seems briefly to have opened his own gallery space at 44 Dover Street (“Fine Art,” Academy, 29 December 1906). By 1910, however, Cremetti had taken over McLean’s Gallery at 7 Haymarket.

Address: 47 New Bond St

Start Date: by 1880

End Date: at least 1904


Eugene Cremetti

Count Max Hollender (d. 1906)

Selected exhibitions

Pictures by Makart and French Artists (June-July 1880) [TYA 1881, 51]

First Exhibition: Society of Painter-Etchers (1881) [NAL]

The Works of J. R. Herbert, R.A. (1881) [TYA 1882, 49]

Meissonier’s Postillon, and other works (November-December 1885) [TYA 1886, 64]

Pictures by Lepage, Corot and others (October 1886) [TYA 1887, 77]

Various paintings of the Continental School, including Rosa Bonheur’s “Return of the Flock” (1890) [TYA 1891, 93]

Various paintings of the Continental School, including “The Last of the Buffalo” by Bierstadt (1891)  [TYA 1892, 90]

Works from the Studio of Rosa Bonheur [1900] [NAL]

Pictures by the French Impressionists, Monet, Sisley, Pissaro [sic], Renoir and other masters [1901] [NAL]

Watercolours of Egypt by John Varley (April-May 1904) [NAL]

Exhibition catalogues: National Art Library, London (1880-1906)

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