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Holland Fine Art Gallery

The Holland Fine Art Gallery seems to have opened in Regent Street in 1899. In October of that year, D. S. MacColl, in an article about the modern taste for Dutch art, noted that in addition to Goupil and Mr. Van Wisselingh’s Dutch Gallery, “Yet another house, calling itself the Holland Fine Art Gallery has opened its doors in Regent Street and is now holding an autumn exhibition.” (“Modern Dutch Painters,” Saturday Review, 7 October 1899, 451) The gallery was at 14 Grafton Street by 1900. Exhibition catalogues in the National Art Library list two places of publication: “Amsterdam: C.M. Van Gogh; London: W. J. Van Hoytema.” A full-page advertisement in The Year’s Art 1903 advised readers that the gallery carried “Selected Pictures of the Dutch School,” including works by Israels, A. Mauve, James Maris, M. Bauer and Weissenbruch.

The ad also noted that the gallery would take orders for “the new Raffaelli solid oil colours,” a brand of oil paint in solid stick form. A note in the Athenaeum on 7 February 1903 explained “The papers have for some time contained descriptions of a discovery in oil painting by the well-known artist M. Raffaelli. The Holland Gallery provides us with the first opportunity of judging of its real importance. The novelty consists in the discovery of a medium of an oily nature and of sufficient consistency to allow of making up the colours in solid sticks exactly like pastels.” (183)

Address: 14 Grafton St

Start Date: 1900

End Date: at least 1905

Other Locations:

235a Regent Street (1899)

Specialization: Dutch art

Dealer: W. J. Van Hoytema

Selected exhibitions

Water-colour drawings by modern Dutch artists (1900) [NAL]

The Artists of the Illustrated Bible and their works (1901) [NAL]

Oil Paintings and water-colours by George Poggenbeek and other modern Dutch artists (1901) [NAL]

Solid Oil Colours by J. F. Raffealli (January 1903) [TYA 1904, 137]

Unless otherwise noted, the documentation of a gallery’s start and end dates at a location is drawn from listings in The Year’s Art.

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