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Gutekunst Galelry

The Gutekunst Gallery seems to have specialized in etchings and other prints. Their listing in The Year’s Art 1902 noted “Etchings by Rembrandt, Meryon, Whistler, Seymour Haden, Legros, Strang, Cameron, etc. always on view; also examples by Dürer, Beham, etc.” (118).

Address: 10 Grafton St

Start Date: 1910

End Date: at least 1914

Other Locations:
16 King-street, St James's (by 1896 - 1909)

Dealer: Richard Gutekunst

Specialization: etchings

Selected exhibitions

Modern etchings by the most important German and Swiss artists (1896) [NAL]

Etchings and Drawings by Charles Meryon (1898) [NAL]

Etchings by William Strang (1899) [NAL]

Etchings by A. Legros (1900) [NAL]

Etchings by Rembrandt (1900) [NAL]

New and Old Etchings by A. Zorn (1902) [NAL]

Exhibition catalogues: National Art Library, London (1896-1914)

Unless otherwise noted, the documentation of a gallery’s start and end dates at a location is drawn from listings in The Year’s Art.

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