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Colnaghi & Obach (from 1911-1914 (?))

Colnaghi’s began as a print publishing business in the late eighteenth century, and expanded into the sale of fine art over the course of the nineteenth century. During its long history, it has sold both contemporary art and Old Masters. For an overview of the Gallery’s history, see their website:

Address: 144-46 New Bond St

Start Date: 1913

End Date: at least 1914 [at least 1940]*

Other Locations:
132 Pall Mall (1786-1799)
23 Cockspur Lane (1799-1825)
13 & 14 Pall Mall East (1825-1912)
15 Old Bond Street (c. 1940-present)


Paul Colnaghi (1751-1833)

Dominic Charles Colnaghi (1790-1879)

Martin Henry Colnaghi (1821-1908)

Andrew McKay

William McKay

Otto Gutekunst (c. 1865-after 1939)

Gustavus Mayer

James Byam Shaw


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Unless otherwise noted, the documentation of a gallery’s start and end dates at a location is drawn from listings in The Year’s Art. Locations for dates outside the parameters of the map are drawn from the sources listed above.


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