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Carroll Gallery

An advertisement for the Carroll Gallery in The Year’s Art 1914 noted that “We have the honor to announce that we are EXCLUSIVE REPRESENTATIVES for the productions of CHARLES JOHN COLLINGS, As also for those of N.H.J. BAIRD, R.O.I., and ROBERT MEYERHEIM, R.I.” (12), and the work of these artists seem to have made up the bulk of their exhibition schedule. Collings was a British artist, who specialized in landscape painting. In 1910, he moved to Canada and much of his later work takes the Canadian landscape, particularly the Rocky Mountains, as his subject matter. Meyerheim and Baird were also landscape artists.

Address: 10 George St, Hanover Sq.

Start Date: by 1911

End Date: at least 1914 [1924?]*

Selected exhibitions

Fifty watercolour drawings by William Brock: Landscape and peasantry of Normandy (1911) [NAL]

Watercolours by Charles John Collings (1912) [NAL]

Watercolours by N.H.J. Baird, R.O.I. (1912) [NAL]

Pictures by Charles John Collings, N.H.J. Baird, R.O.I., A. W. Davidson, Henry Harshall, R.W.S., Robert Meyerheim, R.I., A. Winter-Shaw, R.I. (1913) [NAL]
Watercolours by Robert Gustav Meyerheim, R.I. (1913) [NAL]

Charles John Collings: interpreting the Canadian Rockies (1924) [NAL]

Exhibition catalogues: National Art Library, London (1911-13; 1924)


Brown, Rosemary. “Notable Artists in the Collection: C. J. Collings,” Maltwood Art Musum and Gallery, University of Victoria []
Accessed 18 July 2012.

Unless otherwise noted, the documentation of a gallery’s start and end dates at a location is drawn from listings in The Year’s Art.

*The dates that appear in the heading are those identified as securely documented “start” and “end” dates when the map animation was created. Additional research has extended the time span that the gallery can be documented at this address.

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