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Arthur Tooth and Sons

The firm of Arthur Tooth and Sons was founded in London in 1842. In 1866, they opened a new purpose-built gallery at 5 Haymarket. In February 1867, a notice in the Art Journal announced “A new gallery, recently built in the Haymarket, has been opened by Mr. Arthur Tooth, with a fair selection of water-colour drawings.” (63) The first advertisement for this “First Annual Winter Exhibition of Water-Colour Drawings” at 5 Haymarket appeared in the Times on 4 December 1866 (1). A selection of the firm’s stock books are held at the Getty Research Institute. Bayer and Page have published the results of an extensive analysis of the transactions recorded in 1870 and 1871, in a revealing case study of the firm’s business model and the role of the professional art dealer in the period more generally.

Address: 155 New Bond St

Start Date: 1909

End Date: at least 1914

Other Locations:
5 Haymarket (1867-1905) [1866]*
175 New Bond St (1906-1908)

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as508 Tooth Possibility 158 New Bond   as508 Tooth Possibility 158 New Bond

Dealer:  Arthur Tooth

Exhibition catalogues: National Art Library, London (1878-1976)


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