Polar Pathways: Robert E. Peary's Arctic Expeditions

1898- The Peary Arctic Club


Members of the Peary Arctic club provided funding and support for Peary's arctic travels. These men were an invaluable source not only of money, but also for personal connections that led to gifts of supplies and even vessels.

“In January 1897, I promulgated my plan for an extended scheme of Arctic exploration, having for its main purpose the attainment of the North Pole. During the spring of 1897, your President, Morris K. Jesup, became interested in the matter, and suggested the idea of the [Peary Arctic Club]… in the spring of 1898, the Peary Arctic Club was organized, Morris K. Jesup, Henry W. Cannon, H. L. Bridgman, all personal friends of mine, forming the nucleus around which the rest of you [the Peary Arctic Club members] assembled…” - Robert E. Peary in Nearest the Pole, published in 1907

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